Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Rainbow in the night sky...

Everyone when born first stumble to stand , stutter to walk and lose balance to run. But that isn't the case with the Kingdomites, We fly over the skies and dance over the moon as lovely stars. It doesn't need of much hard work and skill but a little dedication and passion on the occasion of UTSAV- The festival of colours. It is indeed very true to its name, all kiddos bright and bloomed , parents overjoyed and teachers excited.

It is a festival indigenous to our school and almost stay fresh till the forthcoming UTSAV. I love dancing and it had always been my passion, not just because I'm a good dancer but when I dance , I am what I am. I express myself and the feeling is like OUT OF THE WORLD.

We are professionally trained by choreographers from the COSMIC dance studio co-founded by Mr.Suresh and Mr.Alex. Suresh sir and Alex sir had been my inspiration and they are always my GURU. Hard work, passion, dedication and enjoyment never parted away from them. It is my final year in the journey stars, and I'm all set ready to glow bright and be the SUN of my own galaxy.

This year is more memorable to me and I'm just waiting to rock the stage! MISS U TLK!  


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